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Government Relations

  • Monitoring, formulation of strategies and performance in governmental and institutional relations with the Legislative, Executive, Judiciary and control bodies in all spheres of the federation: Union, States and Municipalities;
  • Mapping of bills and regulatory agenda relevant to the client’s activities, as well as assistance in all phases of the legislative and regulatory process, with the highest compliance rigor, based on technical, transparent, and effective performance, together with multidisciplinary team, aiming at defending the legitimate interest of the client, by defining strategies with structuring of action plan and survey of important stakeholders to collaborate in the formulation of public policies, mitigate and/or defend the legitimate interests of the client, with an appointment of applicable legal propositions/suggestions;
  • Draft of documents, technical studies – including regulatory risk study, opinions and legislative and regulatory drafts, aiming to subsidize and collaborate with the formation of conviction and decisions of the federal, state, municipal public administrations, as well as the regulatory agencies, on issues important and sensitive legal, political and regulatory matters for the client, by proposing and amending the texts under discussion, taking into account the client’s demands and legitimate interests;
  • Active participation in public hearings and consultations, as well as in debates and meetings in the appropriate forums;
  • Representation of clients and/or government in the interaction with stakeholders in all spheres of the Federation (federal, states and municipalities), in all constituted powers (Executive, Legislative, Judiciary and control bodies), regulatory agencies, as well as in multilateral bodies (For example, IFC, World Bank, Banco dos Brics, etc.), aiming to address issues of interest in the course of institutional discussions, defend possible alternatives to mitigate any harmful issues, as well as advice on trade missions and in the process of formulation and signature of international agreements; and
  • Analysis of the political and economic scenario to support investment decisions and demand management by companies, as well as strategic action to identify lines of financing and support for accessing such financing.

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