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Third Sector

KEEPING UP WITH CHANGES! Relations between State and the third sector have been changing and required lawyers to become significant players in the discussions involved in such relations. Our legal team’s experience and practice that keeps pace with new requirements have risen legal standards and set legal services as important and decisive assets for third sector entities.

We practice in both consulting and litigation fields and address all legal issues related to non-profit charities, including those certified under Brazilian laws as Social Organizations [Organizações Sociais] (OSs) and Public Interest Civil Society Organizations [Organizações da Sociedade Civil de Interesse Público] (OSCIPs):

We meet the demands of entities engaged in health, education, culture, scientific research and technological development, as well as environment preservation, with emphasis on:

  • Negotiation and formalization of contracts, partnership, collaboration and furtherance arrangements;
  • Assistance in dealings with Accounting Offices and Public Attorneys’ Offices;
  • Tax planning, labor and regulatory matters;
  • Assistance in securing certifications;
  • Entity restructuring;
  • Issues pertaining to the Data Protection Law – LGPD;
  • Designing, revision and updating of compliance codes, policies and procedures;
  • Matters pertaining to institutional strategies for maximization of resources and institutional growth;
  • Interface between the agencies of contracting governments and the entities’ high administration;
  • Drafting of bill of law and regulation for the third sector.

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